I only started seeing Dr. Dantini a few weeks ago. But after reading everyone’s testimonial’s I really believe my life is going to get better. The weakness, and sleeping all day, and feeling foggy in my brain, and being dizzy, and pain in my body, etc… It can really be frightening. But I believe it will be under control. I heard once that major stress and shock can trigger this. Well believe me I had some major stress and horrible things happen to me theses past few years. It’s amazing I made it this far. I have such a wonderful family, and beautiful grandchildren that miss me so much. I have lived on pain medication’s for many years. And for what, to make the pain just a bit less. It isn’t worth it. I am so excited and pray that Dr. Dantini can help me like he did all of you. I haven’t been able to work in over 1 years it was after and accident that caused me to need surgery. But it’s not the surgery that has stopped me from working, it’s the Fybromyalgia and mental pain and the life changes that have depressed me so me deeply. I am looking forward to doing the things I use to do.. even the simple things. If I can’t do the things 100% it won’t matter, as long as I can do some of the things that I miss so much with my loved ones. I believe in my heart, Dr. Dantini is going to be my miracle!!! God Bless