I am now 56 years young and have had Chronic Fatigue problems for so many years I don’t know when it first began, and now it has turned into more of a Fibromyalgia nature.. I have always had food sensitivities, even as a child, constant tonsillitis, always tired and napped so much everyone joked about it.

I do remember a very bad virus when I started college in 1970 that left me quite ill for months (probably was Epstein Barr virus, undiagnosed at the time), and was the start of the worsening of my symptoms. I napped 2-1/2 hours each day, especially after eating (actually a food allergy reaction would prompt this in my body), but now only nap 15-20 minutes twice daily. I was always a very busy person, very involved in my church and two part-time jobs, but was exhausted from everything and stopped doing so many things.

In 2003 I was so bad (and in bed 10-16 hours of the day resting) that I was ready to give up and be disabled. I was so tired all the time, could hardly function with bad brain fog, had post-exertional malaise issues that kept me from doing things I loved (gardening, roller skating, traveling, etc.), did very little around the house, could hardly work, was taking long naps all the time, had hot flashes, was peri-menopausal at age 42, kept awakening every hour at night so was exhausted when daytime came, and more.

Something told me to check out the internet once again and I found Dr. Daniel Dantini. Although I live in California and he lives in Florida, he worked with me and my current physician (and I have been through SO many doctors, saying NEXT to try to get answers and help). Lab tests for viruses (of which I tested very high in six) and food allergies or sensitivities were very revealing and enlightening.

The food tests were the most accurate of many I have had done over the years (several of blood delayed testing and one with the skin prick testing). Sage Labs sent out more information than anyone and was so helpful (like foods I could eat along with ones to avoid, a few recipes, lists of foods and things to avoid that had what I had problems with, a card to carry in my purse, etc).

This was the best treatment I had ever found and I have been looking for answers for years before I found him. I truly feel Dr. Dantini saved my life and gave me back a quality of life I never had.

I started the food allergy rotation diet as soon as I received the results from Sage Labs, even before I talked to him about the viruses and what to do. I lost 25 lbs the first two months avoiding all the processed foods and stuff that made me so bloated and feeling fogged. I eventually lost 40 lbs overall, have only gained back 10 lbs of those since 2003. It took about six months of working on the viruses with Valtrex and the food allergy rotation diet (which was so much easier than 30 years ago). There are so many more recipes and sources out there for my food issues than every before, so the food allergy rotation diet isn’t as hard as it may sound.

What I remember the most is that seventh month after I started the program, I got more done than I had in the two years prior. I had energy to do stuff that I used to do. I had motivation to do them. I could do all the little chores that had been ignored out of fatigue. My brain fog lifted and is clear as long as I avoid the foods that bother me most. I can actually roller skate for 2-1/2 hours and have minimal discomfort afterwards (I can still out-backward skate anyone there, even at my age). I have very little post-exertional malaise even though it is still hard to sit in a car or on the Goldwing motorcycle for longer than three hours. I do plan my life with rest days before and after extended activity and trips, but I can do more than ever before and feel I am better than ever. I will never be what I would consider “normal” but I have a life and can actually enjoy being more active than I would have been had I not done this program.

I do get regular chiropractic adjustments and massage therapy, which help. I like heat and take hot baths and use the heat packs in the microwave twice daily. However, I have a much more “normal” life than ever before.