Dr. Dantini Testimonials

Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Treatment

For more than 30 years, Dr. Dantini has been one of the leaders in diagnosis and treatment of Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome both nationally and internationally. His groundbreaking work created the foundation for many clinical trials, funded both by National Institutes of Health as well as industry-leading pharmaceutical companies.

Results of these studies identified a connection previously unknown to medical professionals and which are not being taught in medical schools to this day. Through accurate diagnosis and treatment, Dr. Dantini continues to demonstrate a 70% success rate in treatment of Fibromyalgia (FMS) and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS).

If you have any questions or if you would like to begin treatment, please give us a call at 386-627-8330 or Send a Message Online today.

A.M. (Arizona)

My pharmacist thinks you’re the greatest! He couldn’t stop talking about you when I went to pick up my prescriptions in November. When I walked in,he yelled, “Hey kiddo, I didn’t know you had Herpes!” Well, this is a small town, and I could hear the rumor mill starting…since the pharmacy area was full of people. I yelled back, “Nope. I am positive for Epstein Barr, and this prescription is part of my treatment for Fibromyalgia.”

He stopped his work, came to the counter, and wanted to know about Dr. Dantini, the treatment, etc. He kept saying that everyone he knew with Fibro was on morphine. I told him I preferred getting well. Then he asked,”Well, if you get cured, how are you going to advertise this doctor?” I assured him that I would ask him to make the announcements on the intercom every fifteen minutes! Everyone waiting laughed and laughed! Later, A.M. in Arizona

Amber A. (Pennsylvania)

I am a registered nurse and have had Fibromyalgia for 20 years. I always knew that I developed it after a very bad respiratory virus. Most Doctors do not acknowledge this or provide testing or treatment based on this. When I found Dr. Dantini on-line, I knew I had a good chance of getting better. I had the viral testing and delayed food allergy testing 2 months ago. After 12 days on the antiviral medication, I no longer felt completely exhausted. The following night, when getting out of bed to go to the bathroom, I noticed that I no longer limped. I had less stiffness and soreness. I just completed the elimination phase of the diet and will start the challenge phase. I am optimistic that I will continue to get better. I really appreciate that Dr Dantini is willing to treat the cause of Fibromyalgia, instead of just prescribing medications to cover up all the symptoms like most other Doctors. It is also especially helpful that he can help me over the phone since I live in PA. Thanks so much!

Bryna H.

Yesterday I met a doctor that I am willing to put my life in his hands. I have been a guinea pig for the last 2 years and I was through with all of it until I lost my job, started dropping weight, couldn’t eat, and slept more than I was awake during the day and I was up more than I slept at night. I feel drugged by my pain, fatigue, and depression. I told my 3 year old that Mommy found a doctor that was going to fix me and she asked me if I was fixed??? I told her it would take some time, but I will be. I also have a 12 year old that has lost a lot of our loved ones in the last couple of years and it seems like she has lost me too. I hope and pray that Dr. Dantini will be able to bring me back to life. It took me 30 mgs of Melatonin to get to sleep last night, but I fell asleep and stayed asleep until the alarm went off at 6:30am which never happens. I lost my third job in the last 2 years which means I am low on funds and I don’t have any insurance, so if there is any assistance -or trials available, please let me know. Thank you Doc, staff, and fellow patients for your support.


My name is Catherine and I share a similar story as most of you that have posted. I have been ill since I was in my late thirties and I am now fifty-four. The easiest way to put it is I woke up one morning with a bad case of the flu and never recovered from it. I have been suffering with widespread muscle and joint pain. My neck, shoulders, hips, elbows and knees hurt all the time. I suffer with constant migraines. I ache as if my whole body has a throbbing tooth ache. I have severe brain fog, irritable bowl syndrome and insomnia. All of this pain has caused deep depression. It got to the point that I felt like I was dragging my body around behind me and it was a struggle to bear the weight. Needless to say I have had a hard time functioning in my daily life.

I had gone to many doctors for help to no avail. In 1997 I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and in 2005 with osteoarthritis. I was told it was something I would have to live with and prescribed pain medications as usual. I was searching the Internet one evening and found Doctor Dantini. He has been treating me for Fibromyalgia since October of 2007. As many of you, I had the viral testing and delayed food allergy testing, BINGO he found the culprits that have been hiding in my body for a long time. I have been taking my antiviral meds and following a strict diet alleviating the foods that are causing me problems.

It may take me a bit longer than some due to the high viral counts, but believe me when I tell you that it is helping me. I am not suffering as badly as I once was. I am sleeping better, no more night sweats, I do not ache as badly and I am thinking more clearly. Doctor Dantini has found the cause, now it is up to me to follow the rules on my path to a better quality of life. THANKS DOC, THANKS for all of the one on one time you have spent educating me throughout my illness thus far. You are a wonderful group of people from the office staff to the doctor.
Sincere thanks, Catherine

Connie A.

I am now in the third year of my recovery thanks to Dr. Dantini. his protocol is outstanding. i am now cured of asthma. my Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is also in remission. The most amazing thing is that I got my brain back. The delayed food allergy testing is right on the money. The supplment recommendations are also excellent. I visited a leading sports medicine doctor in the Delaware county, PA area 1 year ago and he was amazed that I already had many of the tests and medications in place. I look ten years younger and have lost over 50 pounds. I am also 56 years old which is a challenging time for women. My skin has also markedly improved. As a matter of fact, I was involved in an auto accident and while on the stretcher the ambulance driver asked my age, i said 56 and he said are you kidding, you look 40. Some day i hope to meet Dr. Dantini in person to thank him for all of his help. With his knowledge I have been able to help many more people that I have met and also to educate my doctors. Thanks Doc. love you.

Danielle R.

On my 23rd Birthday I woke up with severe Vertigo. This Progressed into loss of depth perception, sense of gravity, severe migraines, and loss of eye sight. I went to 25 different types of doctors. I had 9 blood test, MRI’s for MS and Tumors, caloric tests for the inner ear (you name if I had it). I gained a lot of weight, could not work, and was severely depressed. I was actually diagnosed by a well known ENT with ‘Dandy syndrome’ (Nerve damage). Not satisfied with this diagnosis…

I went to Dr. Dantini and he told me it was food allergies. I had the blood test he offered and found out what exactly I was allergic to. This Included dairy, wheat, peanuts, and garlic (also a lot more).
I stopped eating these things. I lost weight, no more vertigo, no more migraines. Happiness was one again in my life!

About a year later different symptoms came. I was breaking out in rash / hives for no reason. I was losing my hair in clumps. I would get hot flashes after I ate. I couldn’t get out of bed some days. Pains in my bones were traveling down my wrists and legs. Migraines with vertigo were back ten fold. My digestive system hurt.

I went back to Dr. Dantini. He told me I had Fibromyalgia. AND what caused all of these things including the food allergies were stealth viruses in my system. He tested me. I had PARVO and EPSTEIN BAR. 13 times the normal person. My immune system could not handle it.
I started taking the medicine to rid myself of the viruses and I feel better than before I my 23rd birthday!

It has been 4 months since I have been on this medication and my hair looks great, I can eat whatever I want (but I still watch it just in case), and I am back to running 2 miles a day.

I believe that he has saved my life. He has made it happy again. He is an amazing man!

David S.

I am 55 years “old” (That is how I feel.) and recently dropped by my rheumatologist after exhausting her medical arsenal. She said she could no longer help me.

My general practioner’s nurse said to find my own rheumatoligist. Soooo… I went on line to look around and found Dr. Dantini. What I found made sence and I had my interview yesterday, 9/14/11. He gave me hope that no other doctor had been able to do.

My history: I was first diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in 2005. I have chronic fatigue since 1999 because I was a workaholic. I have had three surgeries for tendinitis and I was told that my tendons were yellow because the are diseased from over use. I was a mechanic/technician for 25 years and told that I can no longer work.

I see that a lot of my symptons are the same as the post by Pat from Dubuque, Iowa. The prickly skin that feels like glass shards when showering, I have the same feeling internally when I drink water. The fatigue is debilitating, the lack of ambition is not like me. I am an “A” type personality. The mystery of where the monster will strike next causes me to only plan for the day.

I am so excited to finally find out what is going on with my body and a possible solution to the problem. Even if it just lessens the symptoms it will be a victory!

Thank you Doctor Dantini!


For ten years I had constant ringing in my ears, dizziness, nausea, and a plethora of other symptoms. After six weeks of treatment with Dr. Dantini’s plan of food elimination and diet rotation, along with antiviral treatment, the ringing in my ears was completely gone, the dizziness decreased by 75% and a multitude of other symptoms either disappeared or were greatly reduced. I look forward to continued improvement following this plan. I spent years going from doctor to doctor. Dr. Dantini is the only one in the ball park when it comes to treating Fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue and Meniere’s disease. Thank you Dr. Dantini and staff for helping me live a more normal life with hope for the future! -Deborah B.

Deborah (La Porte, Texas)

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for giving me my life back. When I went for my physical last month, the doctor was amazed at my improvement – the fatigue is greatly improved and the “brain fog” is gone. I feel like a functioning human being again. My affect is cheerful and the depression has completely lifted. I truly feel you saved my life. There were so many time I felt like throwing in the towel before your treatment, but now, thanks to you, I genuinely enjoy life!

Deborah, RN

I was sick for 10 years with debilitating Fibromyalgia and had almost given up hope. I happened to stumble on Dr. Dantini’s Fibromyalgia website and decided to give his regime a try. Within months after following his antiviral and dietary prescriptions I slowly started to realize I was becoming well! The dizziness was gone, the brain fog was gone, and the fatigue was gone. I had had so many doctors and so many diagnoses before doctor Dantini it was just pitiful. They ranged from meniere’s disease to “it’s all in your head”, to depression. Before this awful disease struck I had never been depressed a day in my life. The truth is – Dr. Dantini is the only one that knows what is going on with fibromyalgia, even when I told my primary doctor and my rheumatologist about the regime they didn’t even want to consider it. It reminds me of the doctor who suggested washing hands between delivering babies to decrease infection in postpartum women and got laughed out of town. Now, hand washing is standard practice but it took years to become standard practice. Other doctors don’t always want to take the time to learn or even acknowledge there is new research and new treatments available if they hadn’t been trained in them in medical school. It takes about 20 years for research to become incorporated into standard practice. The question is – do you have 20 years to feel lousy? Dr. Dantini is a maverick and someone who thinks out of the box.

His regime isn’t easy. You have to take the medication, you have to follow the rotation diet, and you have to give up foods you love. You have to read every food label every time in order to become well. You have to do your part for this remedy to work. But it works – and there is no one else out there (that I know of) who offers anything to help those of us who have been diagnosed and struggle with Fibromyagia. Thank God for Dr. Dantini, his research, his remedy, his staff, and his original thinking.

Diane R.

At the age of 29, my pain was so disabling that I could no longer work. I was bedridden for over three years, giving me hours upon hours to think. I wanted a reason, an answer. But most of all, I wanted relief and a productive life. During this time of deep thought and prayer, I promised myself that if I ever found help I would dedicate my life to helping others regain and improve their lives.

Traveling the country in search of a cure or management program, I was disheartened by the lack of solutions. In June of 2008, through the recommendation of a close friend, I was introduced to Dr. Daniel Dantini, himself a FMS thriver and author of “The New Fibromyalgia Remedy.” Five months after my initial meeting with Dr. Dantini, I am continuing to improve and feeling better than I have in over five years! During this journey to wellness, I have found my support system of individual and medical research, Dr. Dantini’s knowledge and empathetic individuals to be indispensable.

On November 12, 2008, through the support of my family, friends, and Dr Dantini, my dream has been realized with the opening of our premier clinic of its kind in Gulf Place, Santa Rosa Beach, Florida. At Mia Vida, Fibromyalgia Specialists, we have the resources to connect our FMS clients with local physicians who will order the appropriate tests and medically support the Dantini Protocol. Because FMS patients require additional time, energy, and support, our role is fundamental to success. With a support system, Dr Dantini’s Protocol has an 80% success rate! Our role as Fibromyalgia Specialists, is to help you implement the healing process. This is a lifestyle change and management program that takes time and support, from nutritional (latent food allergy) adaptation to spousal and mate support roles. Ideally, we treat clients 4 weeks to 6 months depending on individual requirements.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to share my gift! We look forward to walking the journey with you.
Sincerely, Diane R. Fibromyalgia Specialist and Believer in Miracles

Dorothy Z.

I want to share that participating in the exercise program – Curves has been good for my Fibromyalgia along with stretching and yoga.

I read that exercise is important for fibromyalgia relief, but the typical exercise centers only worsened the pain. Curves has hydro-activated machines in a circuit which means I can control the pressure of the movement to the level that doesn’t end up with having more pain. Exercise at Curves three days a week has increased my ability to move without so much pain and I am able to stay fit. Also, the tiredness that comes at times with fibromyalgia happens less when I exercise.

As a former ballet dancer it means a lot to be able to move again and as a current golfer I can swing the club again without as much stiffness and pain. I do not have stock in Curves- this account is just the truth for me and it may help others. – DZ

Elizabeth A.

Dr. Dantini, I want you to know that some years ago, maybe 5 or 6, you helped me overcome some terrible symptoms and ordered blood tests after I filled out the form you sent. I got well when you prescribed anti viral medication and I have never been sick since. I was high in Eppstein-Barr and something else. I am now almost 86 and do all my own housework, gardening, book-keeping and care for my 87 year old husband who has dementia and is not well otherwise. Thank you so much. I can’t thank you enough.


Dr. Dantini is one of the rare docs that is open-minded and caring. His staff is wonderful too. I feel fortunate to be one of his patients. He really does understand this illness.

Kathy B.

I only started seeing Dr. Dantini a few weeks ago. But after reading everyone’s testimonial’s I really believe my life is going to get better. The weakness, and sleeping all day, and feeling foggy in my brain, and being dizzy, and pain in my body, etc… It can really be frightening. But I believe it will be under control. I heard once that major stress and shock can trigger this. Well believe me I had some major stress and horrible things happen to me theses past few years. It’s amazing I made it this far. I have such a wonderful family, and beautiful grandchildren that miss me so much. I have lived on pain medication’s for many years. And for what, to make the pain just a bit less. It isn’t worth it. I am so excited and pray that Dr. Dantini can help me like he did all of you. I haven’t been able to work in over 1 years it was after and accident that caused me to need surgery. But it’s not the surgery that has stopped me from working, it’s the Fybromyalgia and mental pain and the life changes that have depressed me so me deeply. I am looking forward to doing the things I use to do.. even the simple things. If I can’t do the things 100% it won’t matter, as long as I can do some of the things that I miss so much with my loved ones. I believe in my heart, Dr. Dantini is going to be my miracle!!! God Bless

Kathy F.

Dr. Dantini is the only doctor who correctly diagnosed what was wrong with me and knew how to effectively treat it! I can’t tell you how big this statement is for me! I have been working with him for a year and never felt better!

I am 60 years old and have been living with a “condition” that has stumped 42 years of visits to doctors and other health care/alternative professionals. No one was ever able to give me a correct diagnosis, none the less a treatment protocol that worked. Throughout the years I have sought out numerous medical and alternative professionals who “theorized” or “surmised” what might be going on with me. Everyone had a different opinion, proposing treatment plans that either did not work at all or worked for a short time, before the return of my disabling symptoms.

In the past I would get up each day to “drag” my body around, looking normal on the outside, but feeling like my cells were progressively becoming “unglued” on the inside. I had low energy, got colds/sore throats frequently, felt depressed most of the time and my body had this chronic ache. Every morning I would try to determine how much energy and focus I had to do the most essential life tasks before I would crash and burn. Throughout the years people called me lazy and spoiled, when in fact I was sick.

Because I was motivated to live a successful and happy life I looked everywhere for a cure. I underwent years of treatment that included daily colonics, many different special dietary regiments , electromagnetic remediation, Chiropractic adjustments, acupuncture, sauna treatments, nutritional supplements (up to 100 a day), brain re-wiring, meditation, psychotherapy, spiritual guidance, …  you name it, I probably tried it. I was so embarrassed about being chronically sick I did all of these treatments behind the backs of my family and friends. And to be fair, some of these treatments did provide me brief respites from my symptoms before my symptoms returned. I am grateful for these brief respites, but I was determined to find a core “cure” for what was wrong with me.

Finally I found Dr. Dantini. He gave me some simple tests that proved my viral load was 11 times plus higher than what was normal! The treatment protocol he prescribed was simple to follow and effective! Within three months of working with him I could get out of bed and be functional throughout the day. Now a year later, I can run around all day. I am not faking it anymore. I am happy and I have energy! (Being depressed with low energy are major symptoms of being sick.)

If you feel sick and tired and don’t know what is wrong with you, do the tests Dr. Dantini recommends. If he thinks he can help you, follow his treatment protocol exactly. He has the knowledge and practical clinical experience you can trust. His protocol is simple, easy and effective! You could have a life of energy and happiness.


After suffering with Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia for several years with unsuccessful results from local physicians, I finally found Dr. Dantini! He absolutely saved my life! It’s been two years and three months since my appointment to see him. I am 110% better. I feel better than I did in high school!!! I’m writing to share my story, in hopes that someone that needs the encouragement will see this! I hope that the person sitting at home, losing hope, struggling to find the truth, and desperately seeking to get well will learn of my journey and receive the motivation to press on! I hope and pray these words give you the hope and the courage you need to reach within and do whatever it takes to see Dr. Dantini and get well.

Here’s my story: It was February of 2012. I was 40 years old and a wife of 17 Years; I married my college sweetheart. We had five children. I had always been a die-hard optimist, full of life, and abounding with energy. I was gifted with a natural business mind; it just came easy to me. I was an entrepreneur and had previously operated several successful businesses simultaneously. There wasn’t anything I couldn’t do until I got sick. By the time I, a once avid athlete, contacted Dr. Dantini, I could no longer walk up the stairs or to the mailbox. Pain forged through my neck hindering me from turning to the right or the left. It would take me a good 15 minutes to just lay my head on a pillow at night. Cognitively, I was so impaired that I couldn’t figure out how to prepare dinner for my family. I would get lost in my small town of 52,000 where I had lived here my whole life. I would have normally known the back roads to the back roads. Some days I didn’t know what year it was and other days I would forget what side of the road I was supposed to drive on. I never remembered anybody’s name. I avoided people out of fear that I wouldn’t recall their name or even the words to use in a conversation. I remember sitting in front of my computer one day wondering what I was supposed to do and how to operate the computer program. It was a program that I had run for ten years prior. Oddly, I remember such moments as if it was yesterday. Further, I experienced involuntary muscle spasms which were flat out petrifying! What began with leg twitches, crept up my abdomen, and into arm spasms too. Twice, I thought I had seizures during the night. It’s very possible. With a big beautiful family at home, I wanted to get well as much as I wanted to breathe! I could not give up! Sadly, I would try to study and learn, but would forget what I read right after reading it. It seemed hopeless until I came across Dr. Dantini’s website. As soon as they opened the next morning, I scheduled my appointment.

The trip to Dr. Dantini’s office in Florida required a tremendous amount of courage. I was fearful of the layovers and connecting flights with my cognitive impairment. But I knew, that if I didn’t get to his office, there was little hope to get well. It was worth it a thousand times over!! That was the best trip I have ever made! It changed my life and the life of my whole family.

It turns out I was food sensitive to almost everything I normally ate!! I never knew you could be sensitive to the things my body reacted to!
I tested positive to three of the viruses and began the anti-viral program. Additionally, we modified my thyroid medicine.

I stuck to the elimination diet like my life depended on it! Within two months, I was 60% – 75% better. Over the next two years, I kept reaching now states of wellness and would think, “I’m really well NOW!” Yet, a few months later, I would feel even better, reaching yet a new state of wellness. As crazy as it sounds, I even feel better this month than I did three months ago. It just keeps getting better; even now!
I have to tell you though, the antivirals are not a cure all! I totally changed my lifestyle. To get totally well, you have to do your work. You’ve got to want it as much as you want to breathe! I wasn’t going to settle to 75% better or even 95% better! I wanted 110% better! I didn’t want a bunch of pharmaceuticals running my life and I didn’t want weakness holding me back. I wanted wellness and I would stop at nothing to get it.

Five months after being treated by Dr. Dantini, my husband held me in his arms under the stars, with tears in his eyes and a tremble in his voice, he said, “I’m so glad to have you back. I’ve missed you so much.” He was there for me through the thick and the thin and we made it! We just thought I was well then, but the best was yet to come! Hallelujah! I ran a two hour twelve minute half marathon last spring, conquered new feats on the wakeboard last summer, then broke my foot playing kick ball with a bunch of kiddos at a youth camp. Ha! I’ve successfully acted as the director of a local ministry for foster and adoptive children while simultaneously running three businesses and taking care of my five awesome children. Thank you God and thank you Dr. Dantini!

Daily Regimens:
Sleep: I usually go to bed between 9:30 PM and 10:00 PM. I took melatonin for a time to establish a new sleeping pattern. I made myself sleep 8-10 hours a night. Melatonin is no longer required on a day-to-day basis.

Supplements: Once I had my cognitive function back, I researched constantly to find what was best for my specific ailments. I couldn’t take many of B vitamins because they caused my legs to jerk involuntarily. I had to eat my B vitamins in foods. That eventually led to my veggie/fruit shakes with a Vitamix blender. Today, I don’t take any extra vitamins. The only supplements I take today are a couple of handfuls of spirulina/chlorella tablets twice a day, a good fish oil once or twice a day, natural thyroid hormone, a soy-free thyroid supplement. I also take a Ginseng, royal jelly, and bee pollen supplement once a day. During the winter I take extra D3, K2, and Zinc. I took D-Ribose religiously when I was really sick, but I only take it once every 12-16 weeks or so now; usually, only if I am fighting off an infection. I take two digestive enzymes once a day and a probiotic.

Recurrence: I have noticed that I am still hypersensitive to viral infections. If I am around someone with roseola, adenovirus, hand-foot-mouth disease, or fifths disease, my body becomes extremely fatigued. Now, I recognize the signs and make myself drink extra fluids, drink extra veggie/fruit shakes, go to bed early, and take my antiviral. The only time my leg twitches now is if I have come in contact with a virus or infection. That’s my tell-tell sign that my immune system is in the midst of a silent battle. Unfortunately, if I don’t take the meds after coming in contact with a viral infection, I do experience cognitive impairment and fatigue. I’ve never waited to see how bad it will get, I just take my medicine. Usually within 1-3 days, I’m back to 100%. While I don’t like needing to take pharmaceuticals, I am so thankful for my anti-virals! I never want to go back to that debilitated and crippled state of non-existence that I experienced in the throws of Chronic Fatigue. It was an absolute living nightmare. I’m so glad it’s over.

Foods: I avoid soy and GMO Corn like the plague! I haven’t met anyone yet that didn’t benefit from getting that junk out of their diet. I have actually really enjoyed eating all fresh foods and seasonings! I’ve learned to enjoy so many foods that I would have never otherwise tried!
Water: I stay hydrated! I drink lots of purified and clean water! I rarely drink anything else and I always have some with me. I hope and pray this will be a blessing to someone else struggling with CF. It can be beat. It take lots of work, proper expertise, and prayer, but YOU CAN GET WELL!

Thank you again Dr. Dantini. You saved my life.

Laura F.

Today, I have been on my med for 2 wks. I am so much better. I still cannot fasten my bra, but I can lift my L. arm straight up over my head. When I had taken the med for only 4 days I could do this with my L. arm and now my R. arm is comming along. I also am not so tired all the time. My husband says,”I am glad to be getting my wife back.” Three times a day with prayer and water I take my famvir. Many people are praying for my recovery. Thanks to Dr. Dantini and The Lord I am being healed.

Laura F.

In June of 2007 I was under treatment from Dr. Dantini for the first time. It has been almost 2 1/2 years. Today I am healed. Everything moves well. My hips, arms, back, fingers. The only thing still around, that I feel is associated with Fibro., is my ability to recall names instantly, and the yukie stomach when I awake from a nap. I was on my medication about 4-8 months. Once or twice since that time, I have had some of the symptoms of Fibro come back and I would take the drugs for a few days and it was gone.

I also found that the initial start up of the drugs caused a shock to my system (good) and the results of the drugs were seen within a wk or 2. I would stop the drugs for two wks. and then start up again and I would have more effectiveness of the drugs than if I had continued to take them for six or eight weeks straight.

WORKED FOR ME. HOPE AND PRAY THAT GOD AND DANIEL WILL HEAL YOU OF FIBROMYALGIA. P. T. L. Dr Dantini, isn’t it awesome to be on a healing team with GOD. Blessings.

Laura S.

I have just started my treatment with Dr Dantini and I am amazed with his knowledge and understanding of Fibromyalgia! As with all people with this “disease” I have seen numerous doctors and have been told it’s all in my head or I will never have a normal life. I would like to thank Dr. Dantini and staff for giving me the hope to move on & know I CAN have a NORMAL life again! So, THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!! You are a great help to all with Fibromyalgia! Please keep doing what you are doing and I promise to tell everyone I know that has Fibromyalgia of my success & your knowledge! Thank you again!!!

Leslee R.

In 1983 I began to experience severe pain in my neck and across my shoulders. It became so excruciating that I could no longer sleep or sit to do the accounting work that had been my career. I stayed home and turned my attention to breeding and boarding horses but found that even that was too much because at times the stiffness and pain that had spread throughout my body would not allow me to even get up out of a chair unaided by my husband. It was the article on Fibromyalgia that appeared in Time Magazine around 1989 that prompted me to see a rheumatologist who confirmed that I did in fact have Fibromyalgia. At that time, the only encouragement he could give was to seek a support group. Somehow, sitting and listening to others who felt as terrible as I felt did not sound very uplifting. I read everything I could on the subject but every doctor seemed to have only a theory and we were the “test subjects”. The tears and frustration at my inability to have an active life followed. Losing my career earlier had hit at my self-esteem. I would run into people who had Fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue and each looked as if they wanted to commit suicide. It did not help that I had contacted Lyme at least three times over the years while working on the farm. In 2008, I became bedridden with pain. In desperation I started the inevitable internet search hoping for some new information. And there it was…Dr. Dantini’s book. The minute I began to read it, I knew this one was different. His viral connection made sense and nothing else had. Epstein-Barr had been part of my college experience. The call I made to Dr. Dantini was the very best decision I ever made. By following his protocol he has given me back my life.

Leslie S.

I am now 56 years young and have had Chronic Fatigue problems for so many years I don’t know when it first began, and now it has turned into more of a Fibromyalgia nature.. I have always had food sensitivities, even as a child, constant tonsillitis, always tired and napped so much everyone joked about it.

I do remember a very bad virus when I started college in 1970 that left me quite ill for months (probably was Epstein Barr virus, undiagnosed at the time), and was the start of the worsening of my symptoms. I napped 2-1/2 hours each day, especially after eating (actually a food allergy reaction would prompt this in my body), but now only nap 15-20 minutes twice daily. I was always a very busy person, very involved in my church and two part-time jobs, but was exhausted from everything and stopped doing so many things.

In 2003 I was so bad (and in bed 10-16 hours of the day resting) that I was ready to give up and be disabled. I was so tired all the time, could hardly function with bad brain fog, had post-exertional malaise issues that kept me from doing things I loved (gardening, roller skating, traveling, etc.), did very little around the house, could hardly work, was taking long naps all the time, had hot flashes, was peri-menopausal at age 42, kept awakening every hour at night so was exhausted when daytime came, and more.

Something told me to check out the internet once again and I found Dr. Daniel Dantini. Although I live in California and he lives in Florida, he worked with me and my current physician (and I have been through SO many doctors, saying NEXT to try to get answers and help). Lab tests for viruses (of which I tested very high in six) and food allergies or sensitivities were very revealing and enlightening.

The food tests were the most accurate of many I have had done over the years (several of blood delayed testing and one with the skin prick testing). Sage Labs sent out more information than anyone and was so helpful (like foods I could eat along with ones to avoid, a few recipes, lists of foods and things to avoid that had what I had problems with, a card to carry in my purse, etc).

This was the best treatment I had ever found and I have been looking for answers for years before I found him. I truly feel Dr. Dantini saved my life and gave me back a quality of life I never had.

I started the food allergy rotation diet as soon as I received the results from Sage Labs, even before I talked to him about the viruses and what to do. I lost 25 lbs the first two months avoiding all the processed foods and stuff that made me so bloated and feeling fogged. I eventually lost 40 lbs overall, have only gained back 10 lbs of those since 2003. It took about six months of working on the viruses with Valtrex and the food allergy rotation diet (which was so much easier than 30 years ago). There are so many more recipes and sources out there for my food issues than every before, so the food allergy rotation diet isn’t as hard as it may sound.

What I remember the most is that seventh month after I started the program, I got more done than I had in the two years prior. I had energy to do stuff that I used to do. I had motivation to do them. I could do all the little chores that had been ignored out of fatigue. My brain fog lifted and is clear as long as I avoid the foods that bother me most. I can actually roller skate for 2-1/2 hours and have minimal discomfort afterwards (I can still out-backward skate anyone there, even at my age). I have very little post-exertional malaise even though it is still hard to sit in a car or on the Goldwing motorcycle for longer than three hours. I do plan my life with rest days before and after extended activity and trips, but I can do more than ever before and feel I am better than ever. I will never be what I would consider “normal” but I have a life and can actually enjoy being more active than I would have been had I not done this program.

I do get regular chiropractic adjustments and massage therapy, which help. I like heat and take hot baths and use the heat packs in the microwave twice daily. However, I have a much more “normal” life than ever before.

Liz Y. (Portland, Oregon)

Before I heard about Dr Dantini and his treatment, I had been bedridden for 4 years. I was told I had Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue.
My symptoms were chronic fatigue, pain in one side of the head, neck and body aches, constant headaches, burning stomachs, the feeling like something was stuck in my throat all the time, balance problems, nausea, heart playing up, brain fog constant yeast infections, feeling just ill all the time, no tolerance of noise or bright light. I was unable to go to shopping malls, grocery shopping or places where there were certain lights and noise.

Most Drs did not know what to do with me other than give me painkillers and muscle relaxers. I was offered anti depressants but refused them, as I did not want to take so many drugs. I missed out on doing a lot of activities with my children, I missed their graduations and taking them shopping etc. I was unable to go on a vacation as I could not cope with leaving the house and even going in a car for more than 10 mins was unbearable.

Once I got in contact with Dr Dantini and had all the tests done it was found I had 3 viruses and I was allergic to 15 foods. I came to see through talking to this Dr that a lot of my problems had started when I was a teenager when I came down with Mononucleosis (Glandular fever). The Dr explained that the virus caused by Mononucleosis goes dormant in the system causing havoc on the immune system over years. Now I understood why I had many different health problems over the years that could not be understood by many Drs.

When I first started the anti virals and coming off the food I felt really bad for about 3 weeks. Then one day I noticed I actually felt good although to be honest I did not know what good felt like anymore this good day might have felt like a bad day for someone who had never been ill.

I knew this treatment would mean discipline on my part regarding foods as most foods I was allergic to I loved. But I would say to myself do you want to stay sick or get well so you can live again. I was determined to get well even if I did have to give up those foods.

After 3 months I noticed I was able to start getting out and walking and after 6 months I was able to go shopping and out visiting people and most of my symptoms had disappeared.

The Dr said it would take a year before I would go for my first hike and it was a year almost to the day I did go for my first hike. Then the Dr said it would take another year or so for me to feel well enough to go back to work part-time. This is because I was ill for so long and bedridden it would take time for my immune system to heal.

As I write this I am in the second year it is 2008 and I have just taken my first vacation in 10 years and am able to go places without feeling ill.
The only symptoms I have at this time I am writing are some pain in my head and neck from time to time, which I am at the moment sorting out with physiotherapy. I still get fatigued occasionally but nothing like before. I sometimes get balance problems but have noticed that I get a few symptoms flare up a few days around my period and now that I am entering premenopause I am sure that a lot of that is hormonal.

I am now walking 30-45 mins a day I have just started to ride a bike. I am also now able to go out with friends to shops and parks etc. All my other many symptoms have disappeared completely. My husband and I are so excited that I can finally go out for dates with him again and go hiking and shopping with him. We are catching up on all the years we were not able to do those things together. My oldest daughter is getting married in a few months and I am going to be able to attend. Yahoo.
I am feeling for the first time that I am ready to start work again part time so will start looking maybe early next year as my husband said why not just enjoy life for a while after having all those years in bed.

I thank God for this recovery and for brining Dr Dantini into my life so I could finally get my life back again. Dr Dantini was the first Dr who actually understood all my symptoms and graciously listened to me without making me feel I was making everything up. Dr Dantini made every effort to make sure I would recover and went the extra mile in contacting me with advice I would need to help with my recovery.

I highly recommend anyone who is as sick as I was to contact Dr Dantini and find out if they too have viruses or food allergies. Once you know what you are dealing with it makes all the difference in your recovery.

Pamela A.

I was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome about 10 years ago and with Fibromyalgia in 2007. The last three years of my life were spent in pain and hopelessness. I had been to several “experts” in treating Fibro who wrote scripts for: Cymbalta, Darvocet, Flexoril which was worthless. I tried physical therapy, sound therapy, holistic medicine, vitamin therapy and anything else I could find that was worth a shot.

I found Dr. Dantini’s Website while browsing for Fibro treatments and immediately knew I had the right place. I knew my Fibro started after a 24 hour type virus and no doctor would listen to me. Never once did Dr. Dantini try to write a script for pain and send me on my way; he listened to me and I appreciated that if nothing else. My tests came back abnormal and I started on Acyclovir.

A little over a month later I am able to walk my dog, have lost 10 pounds, can get up in the morning and walk to the bathroom without bending over and holding the wall. I have started exercising to get the muscles moving again and I bet I will be back to running in 6 months! I have hope now and that is everything.

Pat (Dubuque, Iowa)

I started with my Fibromyalgia in 1985. It did not even have a name yet then, but by 1990 I knew from reading up on this condition, what I had. The medical field knew nothing about a cause, thus, no cure was available. I went to a major clinic where they offered me pain killers and muscle relaxers which I refused. I did not want to get hooked on these drugs and furthermore, why cover up the pain — why not get to the bottom of what was causing all this? Since the doctors were of no help to me and acted like I was just a complaining woman, I set out to help myself. I worked the last 6 years of my job in constant pain and at the age of 54, was offered a special retirement package on a point system, adding my age to my years of service + 3 bonus points. It was close enough for me. I grabbed the package and ran. Of course, being used to going to work full time and raising 5 children while caring for a large house and yard, I knew through all my pain, I would still be bored so, started to work part time. At least now I could just up and quit if I could not take the pain.

However, I hung in there as I had built up such a resistance to pain, it was actually dangerous. I almost did my- self in with the joint pain of a right hip which was destroyed from osteo-arthritis. This went on for 24 years and I now have had replacement surgery on that. I also, right before this occurrence , had an abscessed tooth that the dentist had overlooked and I almost died of sinus, bronchial and lung infection as a result of that. My resistance to pain was out of the ordinary because of all the suffering I had been through. To get back to my working on the Fibro, I took lots of calcium and it didn’t seem to do any good until I started to put magnesium with it. That helped me some. I was indoors all of the time so, I decided to get on vitamin D which also helped. But the magic bullet which I had sought for 24 years came to me by accident last October.

I started to drink tonic water over fresh lime and after 4 months, my Fibro pain was pretty much gone. I still had sleepless nights and other symptoms associated with Fibro but, I guess it is the quinine in the tonic water which has helped me tremendously. Quinine is used to treat malaria so what the connection is, this I do not know, all I can remember is how mercilessly I used to get bitten by mosquitoes and claw the skin off my arms and legs ending up with scabby decor for the rest of the summer. I have never tried to take quinine tablets but, I think quinine is the answer to relieving the soft tissue pain connected with Fibro. I still have joint pain from my osteoarthritis, but that is different to the sufferer, although, doctors may think it is all pain from one condition. I am living proof it is not, and, there is a difference. Fibro is more flu-like achiness, feeling lethargic and at times unable to function, unable to think straight, feelings of depression because you wonder why a doctor cannot help you. I went through a stage where I could barely stand my own clothes touching my body and I had a creepy feeling, almost as though bugs were crawling under my skin and sometimes sharp pricks as if someone were sticking me with a needle. The quinine got rid of all of this kind of feeling as well.

The difference with osteoarthritis is that this affects the joints and there is very sharp pain, plus some snapping and popping in the knees and lack of motion with the rotator cuffs of the shoulders. On x-rays, I show spurs on my bones. There are no tests for Fibro that I know of and I suffered for 15 years with a hip that should have been replaced but it was always thrown in with the Fibro condition, therefore no x-raying had been done and I suffered.

My advice is this, if you do not get any satisfaction from your main care physician, move on until you find someone who can and is willing to help you. And take it from me, there is no need to spend lots of money on fancy cures, take the cheapest vitamins, minerals from the health food store and put tonic water on your grocery list. I do not drink any certain amount and sometimes when I run out, I may not drink any for a couple of days. The norm is for me to drink anywhere from 12 to 24 oz. per day, it all depends.

Get healthy!!! My tired feeling now is mostly due to my hip replacement surgery as it is the first major surgery I have ever had and it will take time for my body to recoup. Then I will be able to tell whether I have gotten rid of some of the fatigue associated with Fibromyalgia. I feel this condition may run in certain bloodlines since, on my maternal side, there are a lot of “cripples” and on my paternal side, none. Osteo-arthritis is in the family for sure and through networking with other relatives, I think they may be suffering from the fibro as well.

Patti B.

Like many of the testimonials, I also have Fibro and CFS. I was diagnosed back in 2007 after living with this this debilitating illness for about two years not knowing what had caused this change in my life. I was going through so much pain and fatigue that I could no longer work and lost a well paying job.I have always been very athletic, spending a lot of time in the gym training and also training others.Working out was my time to get stronger, mentally and physically. I still try to do some exercise, but I pay for it dearly. I am 51 yrs young and have not worked in 3 years. I feel so bad about not being able to contribute to the family chores and finances. I can do little things and end up in bed for 2 or 3 days. I have problems remembering things and I am just so frustrated! I want my life back! I have never let anything take me down for long and I will overcome this illness with the help of Dr. Dantini and my faith and trust in my Lord and Savior. I pray for all of you who have lost your quality of life and hope that you will soon live again. God Bless.

Ron G.

On January 15, 2007, I started feeling like I was getting the flu. It never went away and only got worse over the next 5 months. This was after 5 visits to my family physician and lots of antibiotics. I rarely got out of bed and very rarely left my house. Severe pain, fatigue, sleep problems, headaches, and confusion became a way of life. I went to 3 or 4 more doctors and dozens of test before I was diagnosed with CFS and FM. After a year of no progress, my wife started looking on the internet and found Dr. Dantini. I made an appointment, why not? After a slow and rocky start, my quality of life began to change for the better. I was following Dr. Dantini’s protocol and remedy for this awful disease. Now I am much better with some of my symptoms almost gone completely and others much reduced in severity. Now the good days outnumber the bad days with even better progress yet to come.Dr. Dantini’s book “The New Fibromyalgia Remedy” is a MUST read for Fibro patients as well as their family members. It could and will change your life as it is changing mine in a positive way. I am staying on my diet, taking my anti-viral medication, sleeping better and keeping my attitude positive. It works!! Thank you Dr. Dantini.

Tammy W.

I have not yet been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, I have a Dr. appt. w/rhuematologist tomorrow and with Dr. Dantini’s suggestions of viral and delayed food allergies maybe I can get a diagnoses and treatment that works w/o pain killers and steroids and they don’t really work just makes the symptoms a bit more tolerable. My regular Dr. doing blood test after blood test and everything is come back normal, although the viral,and food allergies has not been on the list of blood test ,as I go forward the is something that I intend to discuss w/ my Dr. on my next visit.thanks Dr. Dantini for your knowledge and experience. I feel like there is hope now!!!!

Terri K. (Toronto Canada)

It’s been almost 3 years since i was treated by you I want to thank you soo much for giving me back my life., if not for you i know i would have been bed ridden. I’m moving to Florida in August for good, and will come by to see you. Many many thanks. – Terri


It has been almost a year since I brought my bride to see you believing she had Fibromyalgia. She has not had a single pain since last April. What really amazes me is that thousands of people have not come to you for help. Thank you!

Tom M.

In 2001, I began working with Dr. Dantini and have been pain free and medicine free for 8 years. I used to take 17 pills a day to deal with the pain and other symptoms. He is extremely knowledgeable about Fibromyalgia and brought me back from the brink of declaring myself unable to work. Each day is a gift because I get to focus on my wife and son and not the pain. Thanks Dr. Dantini for making a difference in the lives of so many people.


I contacted Dr. Dantini in about 2005 about my FMS and Chronic Fatigue. At that time many doctors were saying it was just in your head and gave anti-depression pills and strong pain pills. I read 5 books on the subject at that time because I did not have energy to do ANYTHING. It affected all of my senses, IBS, hearing, smelling, my brain was in a fog. At that time I called him and he was able to order a blood test in which he found about 3 viruses that he said cause the FMS symptoms. He then ordered Valtrex for me to take 3 times daily. IN ONE WEEK I had amazing improvement! I was getting back to normal quickly. At that time I met a woman at church in NC who also had FMS. She took the pain pills prescribed by the Doctor in NC, where we were visiting. A year later when we returned, she was dead from an overdose of pills. This is sad. These other pills and treatments are not as effective as Dr. Dantini’s treatment. He is fantastic!