In 1983 I began to experience severe pain in my neck and across my shoulders. It became so excruciating that I could no longer sleep or sit to do the accounting work that had been my career. I stayed home and turned my attention to breeding and boarding horses but found that even that was too much because at times the stiffness and pain that had spread throughout my body would not allow me to even get up out of a chair unaided by my husband. It was the article on Fibromyalgia that appeared in Time Magazine around 1989 that prompted me to see a rheumatologist who confirmed that I did in fact have Fibromyalgia. At that time, the only encouragement he could give was to seek a support group. Somehow, sitting and listening to others who felt as terrible as I felt did not sound very uplifting. I read everything I could on the subject but every doctor seemed to have only a theory and we were the “test subjects”. The tears and frustration at my inability to have an active life followed. Losing my career earlier had hit at my self-esteem. I would run into people who had Fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue and each looked as if they wanted to commit suicide. It did not help that I had contacted Lyme at least three times over the years while working on the farm. In 2008, I became bedridden with pain. In desperation I started the inevitable internet search hoping for some new information. And there it was…Dr. Dantini’s book. The minute I began to read it, I knew this one was different. His viral connection made sense and nothing else had. Epstein-Barr had been part of my college experience. The call I made to Dr. Dantini was the very best decision I ever made. By following his protocol he has given me back my life.