I was sick for 10 years with debilitating Fibromyalgia and had almost given up hope. I happened to stumble on Dr. Dantini’s Fibromyalgia website and decided to give his regime a try. Within months after following his antiviral and dietary prescriptions I slowly started to realize I was becoming well! The dizziness was gone, the brain fog was gone, and the fatigue was gone. I had had so many doctors and so many diagnoses before doctor Dantini it was just pitiful. They ranged from meniere’s disease to “it’s all in your head”, to depression. Before this awful disease struck I had never been depressed a day in my life. The truth is – Dr. Dantini is the only one that knows what is going on with fibromyalgia, even when I told my primary doctor and my rheumatologist about the regime they didn’t even want to consider it. It reminds me of the doctor who suggested washing hands between delivering babies to decrease infection in postpartum women and got laughed out of town. Now, hand washing is standard practice but it took years to become standard practice. Other doctors don’t always want to take the time to learn or even acknowledge there is new research and new treatments available if they hadn’t been trained in them in medical school. It takes about 20 years for research to become incorporated into standard practice. The question is – do you have 20 years to feel lousy? Dr. Dantini is a maverick and someone who thinks out of the box.

His regime isn’t easy. You have to take the medication, you have to follow the rotation diet, and you have to give up foods you love. You have to read every food label every time in order to become well. You have to do your part for this remedy to work. But it works – and there is no one else out there (that I know of) who offers anything to help those of us who have been diagnosed and struggle with Fibromyagia. Thank God for Dr. Dantini, his research, his remedy, his staff, and his original thinking.