I was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome about 10 years ago and with Fibromyalgia in 2007. The last three years of my life were spent in pain and hopelessness. I had been to several “experts” in treating Fibro who wrote scripts for: Cymbalta, Darvocet, Flexoril which was worthless. I tried physical therapy, sound therapy, holistic medicine, vitamin therapy and anything else I could find that was worth a shot.

I found Dr. Dantini’s Website while browsing for Fibro treatments and immediately knew I had the right place. I knew my Fibro started after a 24 hour type virus and no doctor would listen to me. Never once did Dr. Dantini try to write a script for pain and send me on my way; he listened to me and I appreciated that if nothing else. My tests came back abnormal and I started on Acyclovir.

A little over a month later I am able to walk my dog, have lost 10 pounds, can get up in the morning and walk to the bathroom without bending over and holding the wall. I have started exercising to get the muscles moving again and I bet I will be back to running in 6 months! I have hope now and that is everything.