I am 55 years “old” (That is how I feel.) and recently dropped by my rheumatologist after exhausting her medical arsenal. She said she could no longer help me.

My general practioner’s nurse said to find my own rheumatoligist. Soooo… I went on line to look around and found Dr. Dantini. What I found made sence and I had my interview yesterday, 9/14/11. He gave me hope that no other doctor had been able to do.

My history: I was first diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in 2005. I have chronic fatigue since 1999 because I was a workaholic. I have had three surgeries for tendinitis and I was told that my tendons were yellow because the are diseased from over use. I was a mechanic/technician for 25 years and told that I can no longer work.

I see that a lot of my symptons are the same as the post by Pat from Dubuque, Iowa. The prickly skin that feels like glass shards when showering, I have the same feeling internally when I drink water. The fatigue is debilitating, the lack of ambition is not like me. I am an “A” type personality. The mystery of where the monster will strike next causes me to only plan for the day.

I am so excited to finally find out what is going on with my body and a possible solution to the problem. Even if it just lessens the symptoms it will be a victory!

Thank you Doctor Dantini!