Dr. Dantini is the only doctor who correctly diagnosed what was wrong with me and knew how to effectively treat it! I can’t tell you how big this statement is for me! I have been working with him for a year and never felt better!

I am 60 years old and have been living with a “condition” that has stumped 42 years of visits to doctors and other health care/alternative professionals. No one was ever able to give me a correct diagnosis, none the less a treatment protocol that worked. Throughout the years I have sought out numerous medical and alternative professionals who “theorized” or “surmised” what might be going on with me. Everyone had a different opinion, proposing treatment plans that either did not work at all or worked for a short time, before the return of my disabling symptoms.

In the past I would get up each day to “drag” my body around, looking normal on the outside, but feeling like my cells were progressively becoming “unglued” on the inside. I had low energy, got colds/sore throats frequently, felt depressed most of the time and my body had this chronic ache. Every morning I would try to determine how much energy and focus I had to do the most essential life tasks before I would crash and burn. Throughout the years people called me lazy and spoiled, when in fact I was sick.

Because I was motivated to live a successful and happy life I looked everywhere for a cure. I underwent years of treatment that included daily colonics, many different special dietary regiments , electromagnetic remediation, Chiropractic adjustments, acupuncture, sauna treatments, nutritional supplements (up to 100 a day), brain re-wiring, meditation, psychotherapy, spiritual guidance, … ¬†you name it, I probably tried it. I was so embarrassed about being chronically sick I did all of these treatments behind the backs of my family and friends. And to be fair, some of these treatments did provide me brief respites from my symptoms before my symptoms returned. I am grateful for these brief respites, but I was determined to find a core “cure” for what was wrong with me.

Finally I found Dr. Dantini. He gave me some simple tests that proved my viral load was 11 times plus higher than what was normal! The treatment protocol he prescribed was simple to follow and effective! Within three months of working with him I could get out of bed and be functional throughout the day. Now a year later, I can run around all day. I am not faking it anymore. I am happy and I have energy! (Being depressed with low energy are major symptoms of being sick.)

If you feel sick and tired and don’t know what is wrong with you, do the tests Dr. Dantini recommends. If he thinks he can help you, follow his treatment protocol exactly. He has the knowledge and practical clinical experience you can trust. His protocol is simple, easy and effective! You could have a life of energy and happiness.