I contacted Dr. Dantini in about 2005 about my FMS and Chronic Fatigue. At that time many doctors were saying it was just in your head and gave anti-depression pills and strong pain pills. I read 5 books on the subject at that time because I did not have energy to do ANYTHING. It affected all of my senses, IBS, hearing, smelling, my brain was in a fog. At that time I called him and he was able to order a blood test in which he found about 3 viruses that he said cause the FMS symptoms. He then ordered Valtrex for me to take 3 times daily. IN ONE WEEK I had amazing improvement! I was getting back to normal quickly. At that time I met a woman at church in NC who also had FMS. She took the pain pills prescribed by the Doctor in NC, where we were visiting. A year later when we returned, she was dead from an overdose of pills. This is sad. These other pills and treatments are not as effective as Dr. Dantini’s treatment. He is fantastic!