After suffering with Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia for several years with unsuccessful results from local physicians, I finally found Dr. Dantini! He absolutely saved my life! It’s been two years and three months since my appointment to see him. I am 110% better. I feel better than I did in high school!!! I’m writing to share my story, in hopes that someone that needs the encouragement will see this! I hope that the person sitting at home, losing hope, struggling to find the truth, and desperately seeking to get well will learn of my journey and receive the motivation to press on! I hope and pray these words give you the hope and the courage you need to reach within and do whatever it takes to see Dr. Dantini and get well.

Here’s my story: It was February of 2012. I was 40 years old and a wife of 17 Years; I married my college sweetheart. We had five children. I had always been a die-hard optimist, full of life, and abounding with energy. I was gifted with a natural business mind; it just came easy to me. I was an entrepreneur and had previously operated several successful businesses simultaneously. There wasn’t anything I couldn’t do until I got sick. By the time I, a once avid athlete, contacted Dr. Dantini, I could no longer walk up the stairs or to the mailbox. Pain forged through my neck hindering me from turning to the right or the left. It would take me a good 15 minutes to just lay my head on a pillow at night. Cognitively, I was so impaired that I couldn’t figure out how to prepare dinner for my family. I would get lost in my small town of 52,000 where I had lived here my whole life. I would have normally known the back roads to the back roads. Some days I didn’t know what year it was and other days I would forget what side of the road I was supposed to drive on. I never remembered anybody’s name. I avoided people out of fear that I wouldn’t recall their name or even the words to use in a conversation. I remember sitting in front of my computer one day wondering what I was supposed to do and how to operate the computer program. It was a program that I had run for ten years prior. Oddly, I remember such moments as if it was yesterday. Further, I experienced involuntary muscle spasms which were flat out petrifying! What began with leg twitches, crept up my abdomen, and into arm spasms too. Twice, I thought I had seizures during the night. It’s very possible. With a big beautiful family at home, I wanted to get well as much as I wanted to breathe! I could not give up! Sadly, I would try to study and learn, but would forget what I read right after reading it. It seemed hopeless until I came across Dr. Dantini’s website. As soon as they opened the next morning, I scheduled my appointment.

The trip to Dr. Dantini’s office in Florida required a tremendous amount of courage. I was fearful of the layovers and connecting flights with my cognitive impairment. But I knew, that if I didn’t get to his office, there was little hope to get well. It was worth it a thousand times over!! That was the best trip I have ever made! It changed my life and the life of my whole family.

It turns out I was food sensitive to almost everything I normally ate!! I never knew you could be sensitive to the things my body reacted to!
I tested positive to three of the viruses and began the anti-viral program. Additionally, we modified my thyroid medicine.

I stuck to the elimination diet like my life depended on it! Within two months, I was 60% – 75% better. Over the next two years, I kept reaching now states of wellness and would think, “I’m really well NOW!” Yet, a few months later, I would feel even better, reaching yet a new state of wellness. As crazy as it sounds, I even feel better this month than I did three months ago. It just keeps getting better; even now!
I have to tell you though, the antivirals are not a cure all! I totally changed my lifestyle. To get totally well, you have to do your work. You’ve got to want it as much as you want to breathe! I wasn’t going to settle to 75% better or even 95% better! I wanted 110% better! I didn’t want a bunch of pharmaceuticals running my life and I didn’t want weakness holding me back. I wanted wellness and I would stop at nothing to get it.

Five months after being treated by Dr. Dantini, my husband held me in his arms under the stars, with tears in his eyes and a tremble in his voice, he said, “I’m so glad to have you back. I’ve missed you so much.” He was there for me through the thick and the thin and we made it! We just thought I was well then, but the best was yet to come! Hallelujah! I ran a two hour twelve minute half marathon last spring, conquered new feats on the wakeboard last summer, then broke my foot playing kick ball with a bunch of kiddos at a youth camp. Ha! I’ve successfully acted as the director of a local ministry for foster and adoptive children while simultaneously running three businesses and taking care of my five awesome children. Thank you God and thank you Dr. Dantini!

Daily Regimens:
Sleep: I usually go to bed between 9:30 PM and 10:00 PM. I took melatonin for a time to establish a new sleeping pattern. I made myself sleep 8-10 hours a night. Melatonin is no longer required on a day-to-day basis.

Supplements: Once I had my cognitive function back, I researched constantly to find what was best for my specific ailments. I couldn’t take many of B vitamins because they caused my legs to jerk involuntarily. I had to eat my B vitamins in foods. That eventually led to my veggie/fruit shakes with a Vitamix blender. Today, I don’t take any extra vitamins. The only supplements I take today are a couple of handfuls of spirulina/chlorella tablets twice a day, a good fish oil once or twice a day, natural thyroid hormone, a soy-free thyroid supplement. I also take a Ginseng, royal jelly, and bee pollen supplement once a day. During the winter I take extra D3, K2, and Zinc. I took D-Ribose religiously when I was really sick, but I only take it once every 12-16 weeks or so now; usually, only if I am fighting off an infection. I take two digestive enzymes once a day and a probiotic.

Recurrence: I have noticed that I am still hypersensitive to viral infections. If I am around someone with roseola, adenovirus, hand-foot-mouth disease, or fifths disease, my body becomes extremely fatigued. Now, I recognize the signs and make myself drink extra fluids, drink extra veggie/fruit shakes, go to bed early, and take my antiviral. The only time my leg twitches now is if I have come in contact with a virus or infection. That’s my tell-tell sign that my immune system is in the midst of a silent battle. Unfortunately, if I don’t take the meds after coming in contact with a viral infection, I do experience cognitive impairment and fatigue. I’ve never waited to see how bad it will get, I just take my medicine. Usually within 1-3 days, I’m back to 100%. While I don’t like needing to take pharmaceuticals, I am so thankful for my anti-virals! I never want to go back to that debilitated and crippled state of non-existence that I experienced in the throws of Chronic Fatigue. It was an absolute living nightmare. I’m so glad it’s over.

Foods: I avoid soy and GMO Corn like the plague! I haven’t met anyone yet that didn’t benefit from getting that junk out of their diet. I have actually really enjoyed eating all fresh foods and seasonings! I’ve learned to enjoy so many foods that I would have never otherwise tried!
Water: I stay hydrated! I drink lots of purified and clean water! I rarely drink anything else and I always have some with me. I hope and pray this will be a blessing to someone else struggling with CF. It can be beat. It take lots of work, proper expertise, and prayer, but YOU CAN GET WELL!

Thank you again Dr. Dantini. You saved my life.