On my 23rd Birthday I woke up with severe Vertigo. This Progressed into loss of depth perception, sense of gravity, severe migraines, and loss of eye sight. I went to 25 different types of doctors. I had 9 blood test, MRI’s for MS and Tumors, caloric tests for the inner ear (you name if I had it). I gained a lot of weight, could not work, and was severely depressed. I was actually diagnosed by a well known ENT with ‘Dandy syndrome’ (Nerve damage). Not satisfied with this diagnosis…

I went to Dr. Dantini and he told me it was food allergies. I had the blood test he offered and found out what exactly I was allergic to. This Included dairy, wheat, peanuts, and garlic (also a lot more).
I stopped eating these things. I lost weight, no more vertigo, no more migraines. Happiness was one again in my life!

About a year later different symptoms came. I was breaking out in rash / hives for no reason. I was losing my hair in clumps. I would get hot flashes after I ate. I couldn’t get out of bed some days. Pains in my bones were traveling down my wrists and legs. Migraines with vertigo were back ten fold. My digestive system hurt.

I went back to Dr. Dantini. He told me I had Fibromyalgia. AND what caused all of these things including the food allergies were stealth viruses in my system. He tested me. I had PARVO and EPSTEIN BAR. 13 times the normal person. My immune system could not handle it.
I started taking the medicine to rid myself of the viruses and I feel better than before I my 23rd birthday!

It has been 4 months since I have been on this medication and my hair looks great, I can eat whatever I want (but I still watch it just in case), and I am back to running 2 miles a day.

I believe that he has saved my life. He has made it happy again. He is an amazing man!