My name is Catherine and I share a similar story as most of you that have posted. I have been ill since I was in my late thirties and I am now fifty-four. The easiest way to put it is I woke up one morning with a bad case of the flu and never recovered from it. I have been suffering with widespread muscle and joint pain. My neck, shoulders, hips, elbows and knees hurt all the time. I suffer with constant migraines. I ache as if my whole body has a throbbing tooth ache. I have severe brain fog, irritable bowl syndrome and insomnia. All of this pain has caused deep depression. It got to the point that I felt like I was dragging my body around behind me and it was a struggle to bear the weight. Needless to say I have had a hard time functioning in my daily life.

I had gone to many doctors for help to no avail. In 1997 I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and in 2005 with osteoarthritis. I was told it was something I would have to live with and prescribed pain medications as usual. I was searching the Internet one evening and found Doctor Dantini. He has been treating me for Fibromyalgia since October of 2007. As many of you, I had the viral testing and delayed food allergy testing, BINGO he found the culprits that have been hiding in my body for a long time. I have been taking my antiviral meds and following a strict diet alleviating the foods that are causing me problems.

It may take me a bit longer than some due to the high viral counts, but believe me when I tell you that it is helping me. I am not suffering as badly as I once was. I am sleeping better, no more night sweats, I do not ache as badly and I am thinking more clearly. Doctor Dantini has found the cause, now it is up to me to follow the rules on my path to a better quality of life. THANKS DOC, THANKS for all of the one on one time you have spent educating me throughout my illness thus far. You are a wonderful group of people from the office staff to the doctor.
Sincere thanks, Catherine