My pharmacist thinks you’re the greatest! He couldn’t stop talking about you when I went to pick up my prescriptions in November. When I walked in,he yelled, “Hey kiddo, I didn’t know you had Herpes!” Well, this is a small town, and I could hear the rumor mill starting…since the pharmacy area was full of people. I yelled back, “Nope. I am positive for Epstein Barr, and this prescription is part of my treatment for Fibromyalgia.”

He stopped his work, came to the counter, and wanted to know about Dr. Dantini, the treatment, etc. He kept saying that everyone he knew with Fibro was on morphine. I told him I preferred getting well. Then he asked,”Well, if you get cured, how are you going to advertise this doctor?” I assured him that I would ask him to make the announcements on the intercom every fifteen minutes! Everyone waiting laughed and laughed! Later, A.M. in Arizona