In June of 2007 I was under treatment from Dr. Dantini for the first time. It has been almost 2 1/2 years. Today I am healed. Everything moves well. My hips, arms, back, fingers. The only thing still around, that I feel is associated with Fibro., is my ability to recall names instantly, and the yukie stomach when I awake from a nap. I was on my medication about 4-8 months. Once or twice since that time, I have had some of the symptoms of Fibro come back and I would take the drugs for a few days and it was gone.

I also found that the initial start up of the drugs caused a shock to my system (good) and the results of the drugs were seen within a wk or 2. I would stop the drugs for two wks. and then start up again and I would have more effectiveness of the drugs than if I had continued to take them for six or eight weeks straight.

WORKED FOR ME. HOPE AND PRAY THAT GOD AND DANIEL WILL HEAL YOU OF FIBROMYALGIA. P. T. L. Dr Dantini, isn’t it awesome to be on a healing team with GOD. Blessings.